Swim & Fitness Center Renovations

In 2016, we completed renovations on the south pool and now we're continuing to make improvements. We listened when community members shared what they'd like to see change with the Swim and Fitness Center.

Now, plans to modernize and expand the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center's locker room and lobby are underway.

Based on community recommendations and an architectural audit, we're planning an major renovation that will focus on upgrading the locker rooms and lobby.

Key elements of the project include:

  • increasing the size and capacity of the locker rooms
  • modernize infrastructure and amenities
  • improve Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
  • provide family and gender-neutral locker room areas
  • reconfigure the lobby

An Invitation for Bid has been posted on October 30, 2018 (with a due date of December 14, 2018) to solicit potential construction contractors.  View our October 30, 2018 Letter to Customers for details.

Swim and Fitness Center Exterior facing the Lobby

Conceptual Designs

In June, we invited attendees to a presentation of initial conceptual designs, review highlights of facility areas and offer feedback.

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