Backyard Chickens

In Rockville, you may have up to five female chickens for personal use at a single-family home. Roosters are not permitted. Chickens are not allowed at townhouses. You must obtain a permit before keeping chickens at your home.

Chickens are not permitted for slaughter.
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Neighborhood Services

Permit Process

Notify Neighbors

 Provide written notification to all next-door neighbors and neighbors that connect to your property boundary.

Create a Site Plan

 A site plan including the location of the chicken coop must be included in your application. Rockville requires two square-feet per chicken and access to an outdoor enclosure. The enclosure must be at least five-foot away from the property boundary.

File the Application with the Police Department

 Bring all materials with you to the Police Department Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

 Pay the $25 permit fee by bringing a check or money order made payable to City of Rockville.

Register with the State of Maryland

 Complete the Poultry Registration Form and register your chickens with the State of Maryland.