Fallsgrove Park

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Located near Thomas Farm Community Center, Fallsgrove Park is 30 acres with grills, benches, shelter, playground, picnic tables and tennis courts.

For more information, contact 240-314-8660.

In order to rent the park, you must apply for a park permit. 


  • No alcohol, unless included in the permit.
  • Park must be permitted at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Food trucks and DJs are not allowed.
  • Events and activities are not allowed to sell items for profit.
  • Permit must be paid in full before the event.
  • $100 security deposit.

Permit Fees

All rentals require a $100 security deposit and a $75 non-refundable rain date fee. Schools receive a discounted rate depending on status. Check the Rental Policy for pricing. 

Non-Alcohol$130 for 5 hours
$26 each additional hour.
$200 for 5 hours
$40 each additional hour.
Alcohol$230 for 5 hours
$46 each additional hour.
$300 for 5 hours
$60 each additional hour.

Application Process

Review Guidelines

Review the requirements and guidelines for renting a park in Rockville.

Submit Application

Complete the application online to request a park. Once the dates selected and availability are confirmed, our team will send the permit via email. The application requires a contact authorized to complete permits on behalf of the business, school or organization. 

Approval and Payment

Once the application is received, an approval or denial will be made within 48 hours. If the application is accepted, the official permit will be sent via email for the applicant to sign electronically. The permit must be signed and returned with payment within 24 hours.