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1. How do I start or stop recycling and refuse collection services?
2. Why do I have to use the City-provided carts?
3. I live on an alleyway. Where do I place my items for collection?
4. Do I need to place my carts out for collection every week?
5. Does my recycling and refuse need to fit in the cart?
6. Can I swap my carts for larger or smaller sizes?
7. Are additional carts available if I need one?
8. Who owns the carts?
9. What if my cart is severely damaged, lost or stolen?
10. Can I put my address on the carts?
11. Do I have to sort my recycling?
12. Can I put out construction debris?
13. What are the collection times?
14. During heavy wind my cart lid has blown open or my cart has blown over, how can I avoid this?
15. Can I leave my cart by the curb all the time?
16. What are the scheduled holidays?
17. The truck has been on my street but I have not received collection, was I missed?
18. How can I identify my cart from the others on my street?