Why do I have to use the City-provided carts?
The carts are necessary for the semi-automated system to work. Carts have attached wheels that eliminate much of the lifting for residents and workers. They also have lids, are more stable, less susceptible to animals and insects and help provide for a cleaner and more attractive neighborhood.

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1. How do I start or stop recycling and refuse collection services?
2. Why do I have to use the City-provided carts?
3. I live on an alleyway. Where do I place my items for collection?
4. Do I need to place my carts out for collection every week?
5. Does my recycling and refuse need to fit in the cart?
6. Can I swap my carts for larger or smaller sizes?
7. Are additional carts available if I need one?
8. Who owns the carts?
9. What if my cart is severely damaged, lost or stolen?
10. Can I put my address on the carts?
11. Do I have to sort my recycling?
12. Can I put out construction debris?
13. What are the collection times?
14. During heavy wind my cart lid has blown open or my cart has blown over, how can I avoid this?
15. Can I leave my cart by the curb all the time?
16. What are the scheduled holidays?
17. The truck has been on my street but I have not received collection, was I missed?
18. How can I identify my cart from the others on my street?