What are the fines for violation?
The fine for each violation is $40. No points will be assigned to a driving record for conviction.

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1. What are speed cameras?
2. Will there be a warning period?
3. What are the fines for violation?
4. Where do I pay my fine?
5. How do I pay my ticket online?
6. Why does Rockville use speed cameras?
7. Where else will speed cameras be used?
8. How may I contest my fine?
9. How will the money from the fines be used?
10. How did Rockville select the locations for its speed cameras?
11. How will I know if I am in a speed camera zone?
12. Where can I report a roadway with a speeding problem?
13. Where do I call if I have a question about the speed camera program?
14. How do I obtain a flag release (VR119) for my vehicle?
15. How do I know if I am able to Transfer liability of my Speed Citation?
16. Where do I send my request to Transfer Liability?
17. What do I need to include in my letter to the courts?
18. Examples of corroborating evidence which have been acceptable to the Court
19. What if my transfer of liability has been denied or I do not know who was driving my vehicle?