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The City of Rockville is an area of approximately 13 square miles in Montgomery County, Md. All residents in the corporate limits of the City are residents of Rockville and residents of Montgomery County. However, areas near the borders of the City also are referred to as Rockville and may have Rockville mailing addresses. Residents in those areas are residents of the County, but ARE NOT residents of the City of Rockville.

Residents of the City of Rockville receive many services provided by the City. These services include City of Rockville Police protection, City water, City trash and refuse collections and City street maintenance. The City is governed by its Mayor and Council, whose members are elected only by City residents registered to vote in City elections.

If you are unsure whether you are a City of Rockville resident, you can:

Check the following indicators to help determine whether you are a City resident:

  • Do you receive a City tax bill?
  • Do you pay a City of Rockville utility bill?
  • Are the trucks that collect your refuse and recycling white with blue trim and have the City of Rockville seal?
  • Do City of Rockville Police vehicles (they will be marked “City of Rockville") patrol your streets?
  • Is the street sign on the corner nearest your home blue with white lettering (City of Rockville) or green with white lettering (Montgomery County—not in the City)? 

See if your address is within Rockville City limits by locating it on this map and viewing the answer. For help with the map use the About button on the toolbar. (View a full-size version of this map.)