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Program Goals
Benefits of the Cameras
In Fiscal Year 2011, the City's speed camera program began deploying "portable camera units" (PCUs). PCUs contain all the technology and flash unit in one box that can be moved from location to location. They do not require an employee to stay with the unit, and they can be deployed to locations where fixed pole camera units cannot be constructed or where mobile camera units cannot be parked safely.

Goals of the Program
The ultimate goal of Rockville's traffic safety program is to save lives and prevent injuries. However, there are several other goals and benefits of the Safe Speed Program.
  • Reduce speed in residential neighborhoods and school zones.
  • Change driver behavior through voluntary compliance with traffic laws.
  • Educate the public and increase public awareness.
  • Reduce accident severity and the financial impact on the economy.
  • Augment the efforts of traditional law enforcement.
  • Reduce energy consumption.