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2002 Comprehensive Master Plan
The 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan Update Process is Currently Underway

Rockville 2040: Comprehensive Master Plan Update
The city has begun a process to update the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan to gauge how the City will be twenty years from now and what it will take to get there. To learn more about the process, visit the Rockville 2040 Master Plan Update webpage.
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A Vision for the Future
Rockville's Comprehensive Master Plan describes the broad vision for the City's future. It is the core philosophy that guides development, conservation and capital improvement projects to improve the quality of life in the Rockville community. It guides where and in what form development occurs in the community and frames the City's capital improvement projects. During the life of the master plans 20-year time frame, decisions are made on land use issues and budget priorities and these decisions are guided by the extent to which they correspond with the master plan.

The planning principles that provide a foundation for the goals and policies articulated in the 2002 Master Plan (page 1-1) state that Rockville will be a city that: 

  1. Protects the character of its neighborhoods;
  2. Develops a sense of a cohesive community that overcomes physical barriers and links neighborhoods;
  3. Fosters a vibrant Town Center that has a distinctive character;
  4. Provides a diversity of integrated transportation options;
  5. Emphasizes its parks and open spaces;
  6. Respects the natural environment and historic resources, and promotes the responsible, sustainable use of natural resources for present and future populations;
  7. Provides a high level of community services and facilities;
  8. Maintains a safe and secure community;
  9. Encourages a broad range of housing styles and prices;
  10. Promotes active community involvement in planning and city government;
  11. Recognizes the diverse nature and needs of the community;
  12. Encourages a strong and diverse local economy;
  13. Establishes a supportive environment for advanced technology, technological industries, and institutions of higher learning;
  14. Recognizes its unique position as the governmental center of Montgomery County.

Adopted Comprehensive Master Plan 
The current Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted in 2002 and has been amended and expanded since that time.

Complete 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan

Comprehensive Master Plan CoverView the Comprehensive Master Plan by Chapter

2002 Master Plan Documents

Other Components of the Comprehensive Master Plan
The following plans and elements have been approved and adopted as amendments or supporting documents to the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan since its initial adoption: