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Boards and Commissions Vacancies

Serving on a Board or Commission
Vacancies on Boards and Commissions are announced in each issue of
Rockville Reports. Anyone employed by or under contract to the City is not eligible to serve on a board or commission. Individuals may serve on only one board or commission at a given time (with the exception of ad hoc committees or task forces) to give as many residents as possible the opportunity to participate.

The Boards and Commissions provide the Mayor and Council with informed public opinions, thoughts and ideas that shape the City. Anyone interested in serving on a citizen board or commission may write to the Mayor and Council, c/o City Clerk, Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850, or contact the City Clerk's Office at 240-314-8280 for more information or fill out and submit an Expression of Interest Form (pdf)

PLEASE NOTE: As defined in Ordinance No. 13-13 (see below), all applicants applying to the Board of Appeals, Historic District Commission, Ethics Commission, Financial Advisory Board or Planning Commission are required to complete the Statement of Financial Interests (see below) and submit along with the Expression of Interest Form.

Ordinance No. 13-13
Statement of Financial Interests Form

Vacancies (as of March 15, 2016)
The City is seeking applicants for appointment to the following:

  • Animals Matter Board (one; alternate)
    The Board mediates petitions; provides written recommendations to the Chief of Police and animal review official as requested; provides education and counseling on responsible ownership, maintenance and treatment of animals; and provides advice and recommendations to the Mayor and Council on matters related to the care, training, maintenance and regulation of animals within the City.
  • Board of Appeals (two)
    This Board is a three member body, whose members are appointed by the Mayor with the confirmation of the Council.  The body elects its own Chairperson.  Members serve for overlapping three-year terms.  The Board is charged with the responsibility of hearing and deciding all appeals and applications for variances and special exceptions, as provided for in the Zoning Ordinance or other ordinance of the City of Rockville. (Chapter 25, Rockville City Code).
  • Board of Supervisors of Elections (one)
    The board is charged with the conduct of all City elections, the registration of voters and the keeping of records in connection with these functions.
  • Compensation Commission (two)
    The Compensation Commission determines the annual compensation for the
    five elected officials of the City. There are five members of the Commission who must be residents of the City or have a place of business in the city.  Terms are staggered and are four years beginning on December 31 of the year of the appointment.
  • Cultural Arts Commission (five)
    This 11-member commission encourages the arts and culture in the City. It recommends to the Mayor and Council appropriate programs, activities and utilization policies of the City facilities, which will add to the further development of Rockville as a cultural center.
  • Ethics Commission (one)
    The City of Rockville’s Ethics Commission is made up of private citizens who meet to, among other things, consider policy, advise the Mayor and Council and process complaints made alleging violations of the Ethics Code.
  • Historic District Commission (one; alternate)
    The Historic District Commission (HDC) was created by the mayor and council in 1966 for the purpose of recommending the boundaries of districts that are deemed to be of historic or architectural value to the city of Rockville.
  • Human Rights Commission (four)
    In addition to adjudicating housing and public accommodation and a limited number of employment discrimination complaints, this 11-member commission oversees the City's Community Mediation Program.
  • Human Services Advisory Commission (three)
    The Human Services Advisory Commission monitors changes in human needs in the city, assists the Mayor and Council in deciding appropriate City roles and priorities concerning human services, and participates in oversight and evaluation to ensure accountability and cost-effectiveness of City and outside providers of human services.
  • Landlord Tenant Affairs Commission (four; three regular & one alternate member
    This Commission provides a forum for adjudicating differences or disputes between landlords and tenants.
  • Planning Commission (three)
    The Planning Commission is a seven-member body charged with formulating a master plan for the City of Rockville and revising the plan when necessary.
  • Recreation & Parks Advisory Board (three) 
    This is a nine member body whose members are appointed by the Mayor with the confirmation of the Council.  Members serve for overlapping three-year terms.  The Board is charged with encouraging the development of desirable recreation and park facilities in the City and recommending those programs for young people and adults that suitably reflect the needs of the citizens.
  • Rockville Housing Enterprises (one)
    Rockville Housing Enterprises is an independent body that functions under Federal and State law, but which was created by the Mayor and Council for the purpose of investigating the need for building and administering such public housing in the City as is found to be necessary.
  • Senior Citizens Commission (three)
    This board is charged with proposing programs, activities, legislation, etc., to meet the needs of senior citizens in Rockville and with conducting such studies as are necessary to determine those needs.
  • Sign Review Board (three) 
    This Sign Review Board is comprised of three members and one alternate, appointed for three-year terms. The Board reviews applications for sign permits and may grant modifications from sign regulations where applicable (Chapter 25, Rockville City Code).