Charter Review Commission

The Charter Review Commission was formed by the Mayor and Council in April 2012 to review and evaluate Article II, Section 1(a), and Article III, Section 4 of the City Charter regarding:

  • the length of the elected terms of the Mayor and Council,
  • the number of members of the Mayor and Council,
  • the schedule by which elections for the Mayor and Council are held, and
  • additional related topics that the commission believes are appropriate.

The report outlines findings, recommendations and any proposals for amendments to the charter or changes to the City Code and Charter.

Charter Review Commission
Meets when necessary


Steven Van Grack, ChairDonald Hadley
Wilma BellSusan Hoffmann
Laura BerthiaumeJoseph Jordan
John BrittonCharles Littlefield
David Celeste, Jr.Virginia Onley
Margaret ChaoRev. Jane Wood