Wildlife Management

The city is a member of the Montgomery County Deer Working Group, sharing and obtaining assistance and information regarding deer management from the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service.

The city monitors White-Tailed Deer population growth and acts in accordance with the Maryland policy. A game camera monitors the population and informs the Deer Population Estimate Survey.

The area wildlife help maintain a healthy ecosystem, but something that can become a nuance. We have put together tips to help residents coexist with our wildlife.

Management Techniques

Deterrent and Prevention

Taste or odor repellent are humane forms of control designed to repel deer and coyotes from an area. You can find repellents at sporting goods stores.

Fencing or Physical Barriers

A fence or other barrier can prevent unwanted animals from entering a location. If you're protecting a garden, consider constructing a fence around the garden. Depending on the barrier and placement, a permit may be required.