Water Main Break and Sewer Line Overflows

The following list details water main breaks and sewer line overflows that affect more than 25 residences and/or businesses or include road closures in Rockville:

There are no such events to report at this time.

Repairs, disruptions and maintenance to water mains may cause your water to be discolored. If this occurs, running the cold water for a few minutes will normally flush out any discolored water from the pipes. The disruption also may cause air in the line, causing water to spurt from faucets or appear cloudy. To force trapped air from the water system, open a faucet located on the top floor of your home for a minute or so. Then, open other faucets, one at a time, working from the highest to the lowest. These conditions are temporary and should clear up in less than 24 hours. If problems persist, call the city’s 24-hour Utility Emergency Line at 240-314-8567.