Traffic Petitions

Rockville is committed to the goal of maintaining livable residential neighborhoods. A threat to that quality of life is excessive speeds on residential streets and excessive vehicular traffic, especially where neither the origin nor destination of traffic lie within the neighborhood. Excessive volume contributes to increased noise, vibration, air pollution, and visual intrusion. Additional traffic loads also hasten the deterioration of the streets themselves.

To counter the effects of non-neighborhood traffic and excessive speeding, the Traffic and Transportation Division has developed strategies to divert or otherwise alter traffic flow through neighborhoods, as well as strategies to calm traffic and reduce speeds. Remedial measures to reduce traffic volume and speeds have proven to be generally successful, both in Rockville and in many other communities. Effective plans to control neighborhood traffic can create a safer, more pleasant residential environment. These strategies and criteria for their implementation are described in Rockville's Guidelines for Neighborhood Traffic Management

 Traffic Petition Request


Review Street Classifications

Each classification of street serves a different function, and is therefore treated differently with regard to neighborhood traffic calming. The maximum volume threshold for each neighborhood street classification is defined in the city’s Master Plan. Neighborhood streets with volumes exceeding these thresholds are considered to have a volume problem.

Gather Signatures for Petition

Residents seeking traffic review must complete the petition with signatures and return to the Department of Public Works.

Types of Petition 

City Evaluation and Decision

Once the petition is received, the city will complete a comprehensive review of the traffic patterns and impact. The Traffic and Transportation Division will include a public process to gather feedback, evaluate the affected area and submit a report to the city manager with the complete findings.

 The report will be reviewed by the mayor and council and the city manager. Once a decision is reached, the city will work to implement changes to resolve issues affecting the petitioned area.