Asian Pacific American Task Force

The Mayor and Council established the Asian Pacific American Task Force in May 2008 in an effort to create communication between the Asian-American community and the city government. The task force is a group, committed to helping Rockville become more aware of the needs of the Asian-American community. The task force also provides resources, educates the general public about the contributions of Asian-Americans and engages the Asian-American community (businesses and residents) in city activities.

Programs and services are offered throughout the year to celebrate and support the Asian-American community.

Programs include forums on financial, legal and immigration issues and other events throughout the year.

Connection with Businesses

To engage and establish connections with the business community, task force members visit Rockville businesses to find out their needs and get them involved in community activities. Each year the task force provides assistance and support to the Asian-American Business Conference.

Interpreting and Translating

To ensure that Asian residents who don't speak english understand city projects and can access certain city services, task force members are available to translate written material or interpret conversations. Some of the assistance occurs during service fairs, refuse and recycling demonstrations, voter registrations and mediation sessions and mediation intakes.

Special Events

To further heighten community awareness of the Asian Pacific American culture, the task force participates in various events, including festivals and diversity events.

Asian Pacific American Task Force
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
First Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.


Akemi Maeshima
Eric Wang
Arthur Wu
John Lin
Teresa Harn
Zhenya Li
Jun Hun
Howard Mei
Andrew Bittan