Development Watch

The City of Rockville takes very seriously its responsibility to keep its residents and businesses informed of proposed development changes in the community. The Department of Community Planning and Development Service provides regular status updates for major development applications that are under review and recently approved. The following resources include development review application updates, upcoming area meeting notices, access to the city's online database for development review and building permits and general information about the city's development review process.

Major Development Review Application Updates

The Planning Division provides regular updates for major development review applications in the City through a list of projects by application status and online interactive map. Major applications are those that require a public hearing or are otherwise significant in their scope or impact.

Applications are listed by their review status on these webpages:

Development Watch Online Map

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Ex Parte Communications and Active Development Applications

Under Maryland Law, decisions on quasi-judicial matters must be based on information provided in the public record (written or oral testimony). Therefore, no communication on active development applications should be held outside of a public hearing. The City maintains a list of development applications subject to the limitations on ex parte communications.

View a list of applications subject to Ex Parte Communications

Upcoming Area Meetings

The City of Rockville development review process requires that neighborhood area meetings be conducted for certain types of development applications. Depending upon the type of application, the development review process may require two area meetings. The pre-application area meeting is intended to introduce a proposed project to the neighborhood prior to a formal project application submittal to the City while the post-application area meeting allows for a neighborhood to review formal application materials submitted to the City. Due to the nature of pre-application area meetings, City staff is not always informed of such meetings until after they occur and is unable to provide reliable advanced notice of their scheduling. Staff do attend post-application area meetings, however, to respond to questions about the application review process and timing. View instructions on how to attend virtual meetings.

View the Latest Upcoming Area Meetings Notice

Online Permit and Parcel Search

In addition to the major development application updates available above, any permits, licenses, plans and applications that Inspection Services, Planning, Forestry or Police Administration process can be found through the city's Online Permit Status and Parcel / Property Search site by searching for a projects permit case number, address or parcel number.

About the Development Review process

Development review is a general term for the City's process to review proposed developments and ensure they comply with the City's regulations. Find out about the development review process and what kind of projects require approval on the City's Development Review Process page.

Development Review Committee

Certain development applications are reviewed by a team of staff representing several departments within the City prior to consideration by the Approving Authority. Find out what projects are coming up for review by the City's Development Review Committee.