Caregiver Funding Task Force

The overall objective of the Caregiver Funding Task Force (CFTF) is to develop a comprehensive process for reviewing and recommending Caregiver funding by:

  • Examining the current Caregiver grant process,
  • Considering the purpose of the City's nonprofit funding,
  • Reviewing and analyzing the processes that are utilized by other government agencies and best practices in grant award processes, including examining options of awarding funding as grants, contracts, or through a formal procurement process,
  • Proposing eligibility and selection criteria,
  • Discussing funding prioritization across human service areas, including assessing duplication of effort/services/customers across City funded Caregiver agencies,
  • Reviewing the roles of the Mayor and Council, City Manager, City Finance Department, the application review panel, and the Human Services Advisory Commission in the funding process, and
  • Outlining a comprehensive process for reviewing applications and recommending funding for the city manager's proposed budget.
The Task Force's work should be completed 12 months from the date of the first Task Force meeting for use in the preparation of the FY20 proposed budget. In completion of its work, the CFTF will produce a report that outlines the findings and recommendations to the Mayor and Council. The CFTF will present its findings to the Mayor and Council once the report is finalized. 


Members are appointed by the Mayor and Council and consist of nine individuals representing a variety of stakeholders and organizations.

Melanie Coffin
Theresa Fritz
Lesley MacDonald
Sylvia Pacher
Mark Pascu
Agnes Saenz
Rachel Werner