Rockville prides itself on its hometown appeal as a city of diverse neighborhoods. As one of the most diverse cities in the United States, the Mayor and Council have identified increasing the city’s proactive outreach to diverse populations as one of their priority initiatives. To that end, the Mayor and Council regularly engage community members in exploring ways to continue building a community that thrives on inclusion.

In February 2017, the Mayor and Council invited residents to the first town hall meeting to open the dialogue on how to make the community a more inclusive place to live and work. Our initial meeting welcomed over 150 residents and we hope to continue and grow participation throughout Rockville.

Based on our discussion, together we decided on four priorities for the city:

  1. Boost Diversity. Build a more inclusive and diverse community.
  2. Keep Talking. Encourage discussion in the community about diversity.
  3. Build Awareness. Make it easier for people to discover Rockville’s services, resources and events.
  4. Listen to All. Include younger voices in the conversation

We will continue to host town hall meetings to monitor and expand our ongoing efforts and invite all community members to join the conversation.

Interested in hearing more about the February town hall meeting? Watch the full town hall meeting to stay up-to-date on the full discussion.

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Fostering Community Trust

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