Rockville 2040: Comprehensive Plan Update

Planning Commission Approves Comprehensive Plan for Transmittal to Mayor and Council

On February 24, 2021, the Planning Commission unanimously approved their draft of the Comprehensive Plan update, including both the Elements and Planning Areas sections, for transmittal to the Mayor and Council. The Mayor and Council is scheduled to receive the Planning Commission's approved plan on March 15, 2021, which will begin a final opportunity for the Rockville community to submit testimony to the Mayor and Council before their consideration of adoption later this year.

The Planning Commission's approved Comprehensive Plan is comprised of ten citywide topical Elements and seventeen neighborhood-scale Planning Areas. Both sections derive from feedback gathered throughout the Rockville 2040 process, which included numerous listening sessions, citywide forums, open houses and other meetings, as well as analysis and discussion by staff and the Planning Commission.

Comprehensive Plan cover page image

Review the Planning Commission's Approved Comprehensive Plan

The plan is provided below to view or download in sections due to its large file size.

Review the Planning Commission's Work Sessions and Testimony Received

Results from the Planning Commission's work to prepare, receive comments on, and revise the Comprehensive Plan can be found on the Community Meeting Results page.

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Rockville’s Comprehensive Plan is the citywide guiding policy document that sets the vision and goals for the future of the city with practical policies and actions that will get us there. The draft Comprehensive Plan, Volume I includes recommended policies and action among ten elements, or chapters, focused on:

  • Land Use and Urban Design
  • Transportation
  • Recreation and Parks
  • Community Facilities
  • Environment
  • Water Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Municipal Growth

In addition to these ten policy elements, the city’s second volume focuses on policies and projects particular to each of the city’s 17 planning areas, as they are defined in the draft Comprehensive Plan.

About the Rockville 2040 Process

The Rockville 2040 community outreach process concluded with the delivery of the draft Comprehensive Plan, Volume 1: Elements, to the Planning Commission in March 2019. Rockville 2040 engaged the Rockville community in a discussion about the current state of the city and desired future on critical planning issues. The outreach included 35 listening sessions, four citywide forums, and three open houses. In addition, planning staff met with a wide variety of stakeholders and neighborhood groups. The public process and its resulting input was summarized in staff reports and presented to the Planning Commission along with the Plan draft. Once the Commission completes its review of volumes I and II of the Draft Comprehensive Plan, the entire document will be recommended for approval to the Mayor and Council for consideration of adoption.

Find Past Meetings and Materials for Rockville 2040

View videos, materials and results from past citywide forums, listening sessions, staff discussions, and the project kick-off meeting on the Meeting Results and Materials page.

View Background Trends Reports Prepared for the Comprehensive Plan Update

To understand conditions in the city as they stand today, city departments prepared trends reports in key topic areas including: Community Facilities, Economy, Environment, Historic Preservation, Housing, Land Use, and Transportation.