Solicitors, Hawkers & Peddlers

The City of Rockville has an ordinance to help regulate and monitor solicitors, hawkers and peddlers.

An annual Hawker/Peddler/Solicitor license is required for any person to go from house to house for the purpose of hawking, selling, peddling, vending or offering for sale goods, wares, merchandise, services or foodstuffs of any kind. This license is specific to the City of Rockville.

A Montgomery County license is not a substitute for a City of Rockville license.


  • Any person who is upon the premises at the request of invitation of the owners or occupants thereof.
  • Any resident person aged 16 or less.
  • Any City resident soliciting on behalf of and authorized by a nonprofit organization.

Annual License

This year's annual license is green.

The license badge includes:

  • solicitor's current photo
  • name and address
  • brief description of the merchandise to be sold, e.g. building materials, or cable TV subscriptions.
Hawker  and Peddler License

Report a Concern

If the solicitor, hawker or peddler's license does not look like the license, contact Community Enhancement and Code Enforcement at 240-314-8330 during our business hours of 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. After hours calls may be made to the Police non-emergency line at 240-314-8900.