Boards and Commissions Task Force

The Boards and Commissions Task Force will review the Rockville City Charter and Code for clarity, understanding of purpose and structure for each Board or Commission, and provide recommendations to the Rockville Mayor and Council. This includes examining the effectiveness and necessity of individual Boards and Commissions, membership definitions, structure and work plan of Rockville’s Boards and Commissions, and reviewing the Charter or Code to clarify content for increased understanding.

Boards and Commissions Task Force
Meets when necessary

The Boards and Commissions Task Force goals include: 

  • Study the Rockville City Charter and Code and identify each Board's or Commission’s scope of work. 
  • Review each Board and Commission and make recommendations for continuing, repurposing, merging or eliminating a Board or Commission. Recommendations may include adding a new Board(s) or Commission(s). 
  • Review the enabling legislation for each Board or Commission and propose revisions to ensure clarity and understanding. 
  • Review each body’s membership requirements and determine whether eligibility requirements or expertise should be required for appointment. 
  • Review all Boards, Commissions, Task Forces and Committees, and identify any gaps and/or overlaps among or between them.


The Task Force will consist of up to 13 Members who will be appointed by the Mayor and Council. The Task Force will represent a variety of individuals, for example, former Mayors, former Councilmembers, current or past members of Rockville Boards and Commissions, current or past members of Boards and Commissions outside of Rockville and members of the community at large. When practical, members will be Rockville residents or people who work/do business in Rockville. 

Steve VanGrack, Chair
Anita Neal Powell
Anne Goodman
Anne Herbster
James Hedrick
Jack Kelly
John Becker
Lorraine Tarnove
Michael "Ben" Parry

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