Adequate Public Facilities

  1. Mayor and Council to Discuss Adequate Public Facilities Standards
    The potential changes would amend the school capacity test near the Rockville and Twinbrook Metro stations, so as to allow new residential development, consistent with the master plan, and support businesses in those areas. Learn more.

As part of the Mayor and Council's initiative for improved mobility and public services, the city has adopted an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) and Adequate Public Facilities Standards (APFS) to establish minimum service standards for public facilities such as roads and schools.

New developments are required to perform studies to to determine if the capacity of certain public facilities could accommodate new development and redevelopment and, if deemed appropriate, require that their impacts be mitigated prior to approval.

The Comprehensive Transportation Review (CTR) is referenced in the APFO for transportation-related measures. The process outlined in the CTR ensures that each development application meets the minimum transportation standards set forth in the city's APFO. For more information on the CTR, please contact Emad Elshafei at 240-314-8500.

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