King Farm Farmstead Rehabilitation

Construction has begun on the city’s project to stabilize and restore the King Farm Farmstead dairy barns, at 1101 Grand Champion Drive.

This structural stabilization and renovation includes replacing the barns’ roof, framework, windows, doors, dormers, siding and exterior and interior paint. The project furthers the Mayor and Council’s priority initiative of stewardship of infrastructure.

The King Farm Farmstead was designated as a historic district in 2006. Formerly the largest farm in the area, much of the original farm has long since been sold and developed. The property that remains is comprised of 8 buildings on 7 acres. The property’s condition has been assessed and a task force was created to provide recommendations to the city. Currently, the property is in the planning stage for rehabilitation and future use.

Due to the scale and complexity, the rehabilitation will be a multi-year project.

Read the King Farm Farmstead property history.

  1. Project Status

    Planning Design Construction Completed

King Farm Farmstead Gallery

King Farm historic black and white photo
King Farm Farmstead
King Farm Farmstead
King Farm Farmstead
King Farm Farmstead Detail
King Farm Farmstead garage

Summary of Recommendations

Building 1 - House

Stabilize and rehabilitate

  • No urgent structural items.
  • Retain historic features by minimizing exterior changes.

Building 2 - Garage

Stabilize and rehabilitate

  • No urgent structural items.
  • Stabilize the building foundation.
  • Retain historic features by keeping garage doors and windows.

Building 3 and 4 - Dairy Barns

Address urgent structural items, stabilize and rehabilitate

  • Building 4 is priority due to urgent structural items.
  • Extensive stabilization to the buildings' foundation.

Building 5 - Horse Barn

Demolish and Reconstruct

  • Due to structural deficiencies any rehabilitation effort will be extremely costly.
  • Demolish building and salvage as much of the existing historic materials.
  • Reconstruct the barn according to historic preservation standards.

Building 6 - Tenant House

Demolish later additions, stabilize and rehabilitate.

  • Moisture and related damages require immediate stabilization.
  • The two additions recommended for demolishing are the most deteriorated and jeopardize the entire structure. 
  • Rehabilitate the original structure for future use.

Building 7 - Tenant House

Stabilize and rehabilitate

  • Modify the foundation and crawl space to reinforce the structural stability.
  • Future use would be limited due to size and accessibility compliance.