Permeable Pavers

  1. Application Notice
    Thank you for your interest in the Rockville RainScapes Rebate Program. Due to high demand, we are no longer accepting new applications. Please check back on July 1, 2023 when new funds become available. We will announce reopening of applications through this webpage, Rockville Reports and Environment & Sustainability email newsletter.

What are permeable pavers?

Permeable pavers refers to a system of interlocking concrete pavers, installed in such a way, that allows water to filter through the gaps between the pavers to the specially prepared gravel layers and infiltrate into the ground. Conventional driveways or patios made of impermeable asphalt or concrete do not allow water to pass through and direct stormwater toward storm drains, streams, and ponds. In many areas, the amount of stormwater generated from impervious surfaces is so large that it can exceed the capacity of storm drains, resulting in localized flooding. In addition, stormwater runoff contributes to stream pollution and erosion. The replacement of conventional concrete or asphalt with permeable pavers helps to reduce these impacts.

permeablepavers1Cross-section of a typical residential permeable paver driveway or patio. Design may vary depending on site.

Rebates for Permeable Paver Retrofits

Rebates are available to single family and townhouse residences, homeowners associations, condominium associations and other non-profits in the City of Rockville. To receive a rebate you must apply prior to installation and retain and submit itemized receipts and/or final invoices for all project costs. Rebate amount are for area of replacement only and will not exceed documented costs. Projects must be completed within 6 months of approval. Properties are eligible to receive a lifetime total of $2,500 per property in RainScapes rebates. 

Permeable Paver Retrofit Rebate Details
Rebate Amount$1,200 or $4 per square feet, whichever is greater.
Minimum Area100 square feet
Still have questions? Contact:

RainScapes Coordinator
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Application Process


Verify Residency

Not all Rockville addresses are qualified residents. Check to make sure you're a resident by using our address check map.


Review Project Guidelines

Review the Permeable Paver Retrofit Application Instructions and Design Guidelines before applying. Projects must meet these criteria to be eligible for a rebate.

Verify that your contractor is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) or is an experienced contractor who can submit a portfolio of 5 permeable paver projects.


Fill Out Application

Applications are currently closed.

If you are preparing for a future application, please have your photos of the project site, contractor training verification or portfolio, project proposal from your contractor, and any letters of approval ready to upload.