RedGate Park

RedGate is a 131-acre property that operated as a municipal golf course for 45 years.

On June 17, 2019, the Mayor and Council voted to discontinue using the property for golf based on a report by the National Golf Foundation concluding that RedGate could only survive as a viable golf course if significant repairs and renovations, estimated at $3.2 million, were made to the 18-hole course. Even then, according to the report, the course would only be returned to minimally acceptable levels.

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The Mayor and Council discussed on Feb. 3 and March 30 the process for determining the future of the RedGate property, deciding to retain a majority or all of the site as a park.

At the March 30 meeting, the Mayor and Council, paused further discussion about RedGate to develop a revised approach for planning.

Parkland uses could include passive activities, such as connected trails for biking, hiking and walking, pathways, areas for picnicking, open spaces and natural habitats, or active-use facilities, such as an arboretum, playgrounds or athletic areas.

Any planning for RedGate will focus heavily on engaging the community, offering numerous ways to provide input and feedback.