RedGate Park & Arboretum Master Plan

RedGate Park is an approximately 130-acre site located in the City of Rockville at the intersection of Norbeck and Avery Roads. Formerly a golf course, the site is currently enjoyed by the community for events and predominantly passive uses. Since early 2021, the city has been leading a planning process for the development of a master plan that could be implemented in phases over time. The master plan process has been informed by public input, analysis of existing park conditions, and guidance by Mayor and Council.

RedGate Park is envisioned to be a predominantly passive park that emphasizes natural habitat and pathway enhancements throughout. Passive areas of the park represent approximately 90% of the total park acreage. In addition to the existing parking lot and entry drive, the central park area will include features and amenities interwoven with the natural habitat areas—including a new visitor center, community gardens, picnic area, playground, dog park, and amphitheater with an associated deck overlook.

Over time, the entire park will be developed as an arboretum to feature arboretum plant and tree specimens and collections. Interpretive signage will be integrated into natural environments and park features with access along the pathway network.

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