Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a priority initiative of the Mayor and Council as part of their goal of creating safe and livable neighborhoods. Rockville would join Montgomery County, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and others in adopting such a plan.

First introduced in Sweden in 1997 as a countrywide response to increasing traffic fatalities and serious injuries, the initiative makes the safety and health of humans the top priority in road network design.

The Mayor and Council resolution “endorses Vision Zero as a comprehensive and holistic approach” to achieving the goal. It calls for guidelines that “identify a combination of equitable engineering, enforcement, education and evaluation, along with associated funding needed for the city to reach the goal toward zero deaths and serious injuries by 2030.”

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Bryan Barnett-Woods
Bryan Barnett-Woods

June 2023 Virtual Public Forum on Vision Zero

Vision Zero Status Updates

Every three months, the city provides the Mayor and Council with a written quarterly report. This report provides an update of progress made for the action items from the Vision Zero Action Plan. The last four quarterly reports are below.

Additionally, the most recent Vision Zero Timeline, Progress Chart, and Presentation are available. 

What's Your Vision?

Get involved with Vision Zero, the city's strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy and fair mobility for all. Help us better understand your transportation, pedestrian and bicycle safety experience in Rockville by completing an online survey. Residents who would like assistance completing the survey can contact City of Rockville Department of Public Works at 240-314-8527 or by email at

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Experienced a 'Near Miss'?

A near-miss incident is an event where a person driving, walking, rolling, bicycle, or traveling by another means must suddenly stop, swerve or move to avoid a crash. Because these incidents are not formally reported in the same manner as traffic crashes, they can be difficult to track. However, near-miss incidents can still influence a person's travel behavior and perception of traffic safety. 

If you've experienced a near miss, please take a moment to fill out this near-miss questionnaire. This information will be collected and evaluated alongside crash reports for the annual Vision Zero Crash Analysis. Residents who would like assistance completing the near-miss questionnaire can contact City of Rockville Department of Public Works at 240-314-8527 or at

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Traffic Collision Data

The Automated Crash Reporting System (ACRS) collects data from all law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County and provide details of all traffic collisions on state, county, and municipal roadways. Incident data, drivers data, and non-motorists data is provided on the Montgomery County data portal, Data Montgomery, which is updated every week. The ACRS data shared on Data Montgomery includes information on all traffic collisions that take place in the City of Rockville. Data can be accessed at the following links: