Deer Culling Pilot Program

Rockville will pilot an archery-only deer cull at Civic Center Park in the John Hayes Forest, in addition to continuing the city’s ongoing efforts to manage a growing white-tailed deer population, such as data collection, education and participation in a countywide deer-management working group.

As the number of deer have increased, so has the risk of vehicle accidents, damage to landscapes and forest ecosystems, and Lyme disease.

The pilot will allow hunting, with bows or crossbows within a strictly defined and sign-designated area of the park, by nonprofit deer-management organizations that meet stringent state and local regulations. The park will be closed during the hunting period.

Still have questions? Contact:
Parks Department

Park Closed During Organized Hunt
The John Hayes Forest at Civic Center Park will be closed during the scheduled hunting dates. 

Hunting Dates:

  • November 21-November 29, 2020
  • December 19-December 27, 2020
  • January 9-January 16, 2021


Map of Hunting Location

Posted Signs

Signs will be posted indicated closed locations.

deer culling park signage2020
deer culling park signage2020-2