Standards and Details

The City of Rockville’s Department of Public Works provides construction standards consisting of details, notes and guidelines, and standard roadway sections. These resources are for engineers, developers, utility companies, homeowners, and contractors that are working on city projects or working on construction projects within the city’s public right of way.

Construction Standards

Notes, Standards, and Guidelines

Standard Roadway Sections

Standard ReferenceStandard Roadway SectionApproval Date
40Arterial RoadAugust 1996
41Primary Industrial
August 1996
42Secondary IndustrialAugust 1996
N/ABusiness District Class IN/A
N/ABusiness District Class IIN/A
44Primary ResidentialSeptember 2020
45-ASecondary Residential - Parking on Both SidesSeptember 2020
45-BSecondary Residential - Parking on One SideSeptember 2020
45-CSecondary Residential - Parking on One Side (Waivered)September 2020
August 1996
47Residential AlleyAugust 1996