Positive Aging Programs

The Positive Aging Program at Rockville Senior Center is provided by Aspire Counseling. Counselors from Aspire provide psychoeducational groups and workshops as well as individual counseling that promote positive aging. Issues addressed are health anxiety, adjusting to retirement, grief and loss, family conflict, loneliness, anxiety, depression, downsizing, coping with change, winter blues, spring cleaning, mild cognitive impairment, etc. Calming emotions, managing thoughts and problem solving are a few among many coping skills addressed to manage stress and promote positive aging. Contact the senior center for a schedule of groups and workshops and/or to seek individual counseling. As well, visit this web page frequently for tips and resources to promote positive aging.

Ongoing Programs

Programs are free and meet twice a month from 1-2:30 p.m. Must be 60+ or older. Please register online or call 240-314-8800, all senior programs are held virtually and will be given a link after registration.

Women Living Alone

This is a long-standing open-enrollment support group at RSC in which members support each other by listening; expressing concern; and offering tips, suggestions, and advice, when solicited. Meets first and third Thursday of each month. 


Brain Games

It’s back (again)! Our brains do change as we get older, but with regular brain exercise, we can actually improve our mental functioning, such as long-term memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, and processing speed. Come join the fun and work your brain as you harmoniously compete with your peers in various games and puzzles. Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month. 


Fostering Relationships

Now that you are a senior, do you ever wonder how to meet new people and then develop and maintain those relationships? This group will explore recommendations for seniors, from various sources, for making and keeping friends, companions, and/or partners (including dating!) and provide an opportunity for group members to share what has worked and not worked for them. Meets first and third Tuesday of each month. 


Improving Communication

Do you ever have the thought that people just don't "get" you? That they've misunderstood you? This group will provide tips for improving communication--from just saying hello to the more intense conflict resolution. Role-plays will allow group members to practice skills and learn how their attempts to communicate are received by others. Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month.