Vendor Registration

City of Rockville Vendor Registration

The City of Rockville does not currently maintain its own vendor registration site or bidders list. The city posts all of its formal solicitations (IFBs/RFPs generally valued at $30,000.00 or more) and most of its informal Request for Quotations (RFQs) (less than $30,000.00) on the State of Maryland's eMaryland Marketplace website.

If you are interested in being notified of the city's formal solicitations, please register on the State of Maryland's eMaryland Marketplace website. Questions related to the city's use of the eMaryland Marketplce may be directed to the Purchasing Office at 240-314-8430.

Also please read the City of Rockville Vendor Guide (PDF).


The City of Rockville reserves the right to utilize any other and/or additional method(s) of soliciting offers to resolve the city's needs for goods, services or construction.

The City of Rockville is not responsible for the security and privacy practices or the content of any non-city website linked directly or indirectly on this site.