Rockville Metro Station Visioning and Concept Design Study

The City of Rockville is collaborating with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) and Montgomery County to conduct a study of Rockville Metro Station. The study will include community-wide input and is expected to conclude in 2022. The process will identify opportunities to increase transit ridership by improving site access and incorporating mixed-use development on Metro-owned property at the station.  

Rockville Metro Station, which opened in 1984, is a critical part of the city’s transportation network and was designed at a time when the City of Rockville was more car-centric and less developed than it is today. This study will explore options for incorporating new services like the planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Rockville Pike and Veirs Mill Road, and will consider how to better connect the station with Rockville’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Community visioning workshops will offer a public opportunity to help establish guiding principles for the station area. The results of the community workshops will be presented to the Rockville Mayor and Council before the study proceeds to the development and analysis of potential concept designs and additional opportunities for public input.

Project Schedule

The following are key milestones for the study. Dates and details for each event will be posted as they are available.

1.  Rockville Mayor and Council Discussion

The Mayor and Council held a discussion at their meeting on April 26, 2021 to provide direction to staff prior to the community visioning workshops. Visit Rockville 11 to find out how to view the recorded meeting.

2.  Community Visioning Workshops

Two virtual public workshops were held in May to gather input on the Rockville community's goals and priorities for Rockville Metro Station. Both workshops followed the same presentation and format. Results of the workshops will be incorporated into the later preparation of draft concept designs and analysis as part of this study.

Community Workshop Dates

3.  Community Visioning Presentation to Rockville Mayor and Council

Results of the community visioning workshops were presented to the Mayor and Council on June 21, 2021 for a discussion on next steps.

4.  Preparation of Preliminary Concept Designs

A technical working group of city, county, and WMATA staff met with study consultants on July 14, 2021 to prepare preliminary concept designs for Rockville Metro Station for consideration by the Rockville community. Preliminary concepts will be presented to the Rockville Mayor and Council on December 13, 2021 before the consultants move into analysis ahead of public concept design review workshops later in the process.

5.  Analysis of Concept Designs

A consultant team will work to apply technical, architectural, transportation, financial and placemaking analysis to the concept designs.

6.  Rockville Mayor and Council Discussion

The WMATA consultant team will be sharing the draft results of the concept analysis and discuss four concept design options with the Mayor and Council at their meeting on December 5, 2022.  This is an interim review of the analysis for the Mayor and Council to provide direction to staff prior to the public meetings. 

7.  Concept Review Workshops - Public Meetings 

Two public meetings will be conducted to share results of the concept analysis and gather feedback on concept plans, cost-benefits, and trade-offs from the Rockville community. Any and all members of the public will be welcome to attend.

8.  Final Report Presentation to Rockville Mayor and Council

Final recommendations will be presented to the Mayor and Council.

Aerial of Rockville Station from Google Earth

About the Study

Rockville Metro Station is a critical asset for the City of Rockville. Since its opening in 1984, near the site of the historic Rockville railroad station, it has served as a key transportation hub for the City of Rockville and Montgomery County. Despite its great value and impact for the city, the station area has seen few improvements or changes from its original layout. 

The goal of the study is to explore how to best integrate existing and new transit service with development on Metro property, as well as to establish the City of Rockville’s vision and goals for the station area. This information will be used to support coordination between the City of Rockville, Montgomery County, the State of Maryland, and Metro for future planning of infrastructure and development at the site and surrounding area.

Background Materials

The following are past studies of Rockville Station and city planning documents that will help to inform the community visioning and concept development study.

For more information, contact Manisha Tewari at or 240-314-8213.