Climate Actions and Progress

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The Climate Action Plan (CAP) builds on Rockville's award-winning sustainability program to invest additional resources on creating an equitable, green, and resilient clean energy future. Since its adoption on January 10, 2022, substantial progress is already underway.

This page contains progress updates, links to major CAP-related programs, and plan development history.

Our Progress

New and Ongoing Rockville Programs

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How the Climate Action Plan was Developed

Community engagement was needed to develop a successful Climate Action Plan that fosters awareness and buy-in, and identifies creative opportunities to equitably reduce emissions and build community resiliency. Throughout 2020-21, we reached out to the community through online surveys, discussions with various boards and commissions, and hosting virtual open houses to identify the community’s challenges and goals and prioritize local viable strategies and actions.


Fall 2020

Winter 2020-21

  • Finalize city climate resiliency analysis.
  • Consultant analyzes cost-benefit/co-benefits of actions.

Spring / Summer 2021

Fall 2021 / Winter 2021-22