Information Technology

What We Do

The Department of Information Technology (IT) is dedicated to delivering timely, innovative, and customer-focused information and technology services to improve the efficiency and quality of services the City provides to its residents.

The IT department manages the City's voice, data, geographic information systems (GIS), and networks. The department works on set objectives and projects that enhance the City's ability to serve the public and respond quickly to residents’ needs and demands. The IT Department drives efficient and effective City service delivery through system and process consolidation, improvement, and optimization. IT staff provides help desk services to all City departments.

Many citywide and departmental applications are supported by the IT department including the financial system, the human resources system, office applications, email, utility billing, permitting, legislative (agenda) management, and public safety applications.

As a result of many IT department initiatives, doing business and communicating with the City has never been easier, more convenient, faster and more reliable for residents and businesses than it is now thanks to the systems and infrastructure that IT provides and supports. Among these are a high speed fiber optic network, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system, up to date voice and email systems, web servers, online permitting, an online recreation registration system, an online service request system and interactive map applications.

Services We Provide

  • The GIS Division of the IT Department provides City Maps and GIS Open Data to the public.
  • The IT Department provides internal services to City staff but cannot handle requests for technical assistance from the public.
  • Technology vendors are encouraged to visit the Procurement Department page or the Bid Posting page for information about doing business with the City.