Search Permits and Property History

The City is in transition from an old permit system to a new system, MyGovernmentOnline (MGO). Until this transition is complete, there are two ways to search for permits depending on the application date.

Newer Permits (Search MGO or Browse the Map)

The majority of permits applied for on or after October 25, 2021 will be found in MGO. These will have the naming convention 202x-xxxxx-xxx. A user account is required to search in MGO. Instructions are available for how to create an account and how to do an advanced search.

Search Permits and Property History (MGO)

To find basic information about permits without creating an account, search the map below. The map is updated nightly on weekdays. For real-time information on permits, use the advanced search above.

How to Use This Map

To locate a permit on the map, type in its street address in the search bar (e.g., 111 Maryland Ave.) or zoom and pan to a location directly on the map. To zoom, double left-click anywhere on the map, use a mouse scroll wheel, or click on the map +/- zoom buttons. To pan or move the map to a new location, left-click and hold while dragging on the map with a mouse. To find out more about a permit on the map, single left-click it for a pop-up window showing permit details.

Older Permits (Search Permit Plan)

All permits applied for prior to October 25, 2021 will be found in Permit Plan with the naming convention BLD20xx-xxxxx.

Our Permit Plan search page is undergoing maintenance. During this time, visitors will be presented with an error message that the site is "unsafe" or "your connection isn't private." Depending on the browser, the warning message will be slightly different, but they all give an option to continue. There may be a message to "Continue anyway" or "Continue to this website." Use that button or link in the error message to continue to the permit search page. Newer versions of Chrome and Edge give an "Advanced" button below the error message. Click on "Advanced" and then click on "Proceed [or Continue] to"  We apologize for the inconvenience while we work to restore normal service.

Search Permits and Property History (Permit Plan)

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