Predevelopment Meetings

Predevelopment meetings are an opportunity for customers to meet virtually with some or all of the Development Review Committee (DRC) to receive feedback on requirements and processes for your plans for development prior to submitting a formal application. There is no cost, and while they are not required, we highly encourage taking advantage of these meetings.

Before the Predevelopment Meeting

Gather information about the site, such as plans, surveys, plats, and concept sketches, as well as questions or topics for staff, which you’ll provide on the Predevelopment Meeting Request (PDMR) form. This is not a formal application, and none of this is required, but the more information provided, the more feedback you can expect from staff.

What to Expect at the Predevelopment Meeting

Predevelopment meetings are conducted virtually via Webex and are scheduled in 1-hour increments, typically in the morning or early afternoon on Thursdays. During the meeting, you'll meet with representatives of the DRC, consisting of staff from Community Planning and Development Services, Public Works, and others as needed based on the project scope. You’ll have an opportunity to provide an overview of your proposed project. Staff will explain the process for development and standards that may apply. You are encouraged to take notes or minutes. For the best meeting experience, it is recommended that you attend the virtual meeting on a computer or laptop to allow for screen-sharing of maps and resources.

After the Predevelopment Meeting

Following the meeting, you are welcome to provide any notes or minutes to staff for review and confirmation. If follow-up information is requested from staff, please allow 10 business days to complete the research and gather documentation discussed.

Schedule a Predevelopment Meeting

To request a predevelopment meeting, complete the PDMR form and email it to Please attach any additional information such as plans, surveys, plats, concept sketches, or any other site information. A thorough PDMR and additional information will help ensure a productive meeting. This is not a formal application, and there is no fee. PDMRs should be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the proposed meeting date. Staff make every effort to accommodate requested dates, but availability is limited. Your meeting is confirmed when you receive an invitation with a Webex link.

Still have questions? Contact: 

Community Planning & Development Services
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Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For a second opinion from a supervisor or the director, please refer to the Customer Bill of Rights.