Rockville Senior Center Entrance Project

  1. Project Status


The City of Rockville Department of Public Works is designing a new access road to the Rockville Senior Center parking lot from the intersection of West Gude and Piccard drives and modifications to the traffic signal in order to add this new leg to the intersection. Currently, there is no access to the Rockville Senior Center from West Gude Drive.

The project consists of design of the Rockville Senior Center entrance and parking lot access road in accordance with the city's site plan development process. This will include a new drive aisle entrance, curbs and gutters, pavement, drainage, possible utility relocation, right-of-way acquisition, stormwater management, sidewalks, street lighting, signage and landscaping. The project will also include a gate/barrier system to prevent cut-through traffic between the new West Gude Drive entrance and the existing entrance on Carnation Drive and relocation of a stone statue and concrete pad on the center's grounds.

Other design tasks include modifications to the existing traffic signal to accommodate the new connection, new proposed signal timing and with a transportation report assessing the impact of the new entrance. The roadway will incorporate modern environmental site design techniques.

project manager
Jennifer Wang
Senior Transportation Engineer

Aerial View of Rockville Senior Center

Senior Center Entrance Project Advisory Group

The city has convened an advisory group to provide input for the design of the project. Members will meet several times throughout the design process to present concerns and issues, share the group’s progress with interested parties, and provide recommendations to be incorporated into the project’s design phase.


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