Speed Watch

When the city receives a report of unsafe traffic or consistent speeding in an area, we have a few effective speed programs to help slow traffic as a temporary solution.

Long-Term Traffic Management

For long-term solutions, you can petition the city to review a location for consideration of a long-term intervention. Traffic management solutions may include adding a speed bump, a street sign or more.

Speed Watch Programs

Decoy Vehicle

The vehicle is equipped with a false radar antenna, which adds to the effectiveness of the unit. The cruiser with Officer Tuttle is parked for a particular time limit at the target location and is moved throughout the shift to different target locations. A manned radar equipped police unit is then placed in the locations vacated by Officer Tuttle for enforcement purposes.

Neighborhood Speed Watch

Neighborhood Speed Watch is a public awareness program in which concerned citizens can take an active role in solving the problem of speeders in their own neighborhoods. City residents record speeds and license numbers of cars traveling in excess of speed designations on neighborhood streets. The city notifies driver's who have been identified and encourages them to practice safe driving. If you're interested in starting a neighborhood speed watch, contact 240-314-8962.

Speed Indicator

A large radar operated display board is placed on the side of selected roadways to provide the approaching motorists an opportunity to see their speed displayed. This unit is primarily used as a deterrent and has proven to be beneficial to the department as a public relations tool.

Tickets are issued but only in situations of excessive speeds which are considered to be hazardous to community safety by the radar operator. The speed indicator is placed in targeted locations throughout the city, primarily in neighborhoods or communities where there have been complaints of speeding vehicles.

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