Energy and Climate

Montgomery County Electrification Incentives and Help Desk Available to Rockville Homeowners!
Technical assistance and upfront $150 to $2,500 discounts available for qualifying efficient electrical appliances to replace gas or home heating oil-fired appliances.

In Rockville, buildings and transportation are the largest consumers of energy and the largest generators of greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming more energy-efficient and using green energy sources can not only save money, but help minimize the effects of climate change.

Read about Rockville's first Climate Action Plan and ways to participate.


Energy benchmarking is the process of measuring a building’s energy use over time. This allows owners and occupants to understand their building’s energy performance relative to similar buildings and helps identify opportunities to cut energy waste.

Rockville property owners must comply with the Montgomery County Benchmarking Law:

  • Prior to 2023, owners of certain types of non-residential buildings 50,000 square feet and greater, or a group of buildings that share a parcel (have the same Tax ID) that are collectively 50,000 square feet or greater, are required to benchmark energy use in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager;
  • The law was amended to drop the benchmarking square footage threshold to 25,000 gross square feet and add multifamily and previously-exempted building types like warehouses and self-storage facilities. These buildings must report calendar year 2022 data by June 1, 2023.
  • Data must be verified by a Recognized Data Verifier the first year and every three years thereafter; and
  • Report data to Montgomery County annually by June 1st for public disclosure.
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Environmental Management
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Green Power Community Challenge

Support Rockville in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Community Challenge by using renewable energy and fighting climate change.

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