Commercial Green Building

Commercial Green Building Regulations (PDF)* apply to new commercial or multi-unit residential buildings or additions greater than 7,500 gsf, or alterations of more than 50% of gsf (if the altered area is at least 7,500 gsf).

*The City is willing to consider alternative methods of compliance, such as other rating systems or building codes, so long as they are deemed equivalent in spirit and stringency to the rating system, code or program referenced. The applicant must demonstrate equivalency to the City and develop acceptable compliance documentation.

1. Review and submit the Green Requirements Supplemental Form (PDF) to determine what is required for your project.

2. Depending on the project type, each plan submittal is required to demonstrate compliance with either the 2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) (as amended through the City's 2015 Green Building Regulations (PDF)), ASHRAE 189.1, or the 2012 National Green Building Standards (ICC 700-2012).

3. Prior to building permits, provide supplemental information on Appendix A project electives, energy report, waste management report, indoor air quality management plan and commissioning plan demonstrating compliance with the IgCC.

4. Prior to occupancy, provide commissioning report and letter certifying owner receipt of building operations and maintenance documents.