Residential Green Building

Residential green building requirements (one and two family dwelling requirements) (PDF) apply to all new home construction (single-family attached and detached homes, townhomes, and duplexes not more than three stories in height) and substantial reconstruction projects as defined in section R202 of Article VI of Chapter 5 of the Rockville City Code.

1. Review and submit the Green Requirements Supplemental Form (PDF) to determine what is required for your project.

2. Submit a green building checklist/scoring tool that demonstrates the project achieves a minimum Silver performance level in Chapters 5 through 10 of the ICC 700-2015 (National Green Building Standard) or equivalent system.

  • The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Code Council (ICC) developed the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) to define green building for single and multifamily homes, residential remodeling projects and site development projects. Categories and threshold points for the Silver rating level are below:

     Ch. 5: Lot Design, Preparation & Development (64)
     Ch. 6: Resource Efficiency (59)
     Ch. 7: Energy Efficiency (45)
     Ch. 8: Water Efficiency (39)
     Ch. 9: Indoor Environmental Quality (42)
     Ch. 10: Operation, Maintenance & Building Owner Education (10)
  • Additional Points from Any Category (75)*
    • *For dwelling units greater than 4,000 sq. feet, see section 601.1

  • Other equivalent green homes checklist (as approved by the City)
    The City is willing to consider alternative methods of compliance such as other rating systems or building codes so long as they are deemed equivalent in spirit and stringency to the rating system, code or program referenced. The applicant must work with the City to demonstrate equivalency and develop acceptable compliance documentation.

3. Building plans and specifications must demonstrate compliance with all mandatory provisions and the threshold number of points in Chapters 5 through 10 for the Silver performance level, in accordance with Table 303 of the NGBS.

4. Demonstrate that certain building components (windows, ceiling fans, ventilation fans and programmable thermostats) meet or exceed the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR requirements.

5. Builders must provide the homeowner/ occupant with a manual describing the intent, benefits, use and maintenance of green building features.