Recycling, Trash and Yard Waste

    Due to staffing shortages, the City of Rockville is experiencing curbside collection delays of some trash and recycling.

    A good indication that your collection was not missed, but rather your area has not been serviced yet, is if neighbors still have their trash and recycling out as well. Please continue to leave trash and recycling at the curb and it will be collected as soon as possible.

    This city has temporarily suspended delivery of new carts. Collection crews will accept up to five loose bags, placed next to your trash or recycling cart. We are prioritizing collections of trash and recycling first, then yard waste.

Rockville provides once-per-week curbside recycling, trash and yard waste collections for single-family homes and most townhouses within city limits. Businesses, apartments and condominiums are not serviced by the City of Rockville and must comply with Montgomery County requirements.

Customers may request special collections of bulk refuse, metal and electronics recycling, household hazardous waste by appointment only.

Trash and recycling billing is automatically added to the resident's Montgomery County property tax bill.

 Still have questions? Contact: 

Recycling and Refuse

TDD: 240-314-8137
Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tips on Waste Collection:

  • Not all Rockville addresses are serviced by the city. Check the address map to see if the city provides your service.
  • Have your carts out by 6 a.m. and removed by the next day.
  • Make sure your cart is not blocking mailboxes, lids are closed and wheels are to the curb.
  • Plastic bags go into the gray trash cart. Plastic bags can be recycled in nearby grocery stores.
  • Recycling is placed in the brown carts.
  • Yard waste is collected at the curb only, not alleyways.
  • Animal disposal is collected by emailing Animal Control or call 240-314-8930.
  • Explosives and ammunition is collected by emailing Police or call 240-314-8900.

Missed Collection?

There are a number of reasons why your recycling, trash or yard waste may have been missed.

  • Special Holiday: During holiday weeks, collection could be delayed by one day depending on your pickup day. Check the holiday collection schedule.
  • Unaccepted Items: If items are in the recycling or trash carts that are not accepted by the city the waste will not be collected.
  • Cart exceeded the limit: The maximum allowable weight is 165 pounds and the lid must be able to close.
If your recycling, trash or yard waste was not collected, you can report a missed collection online or by calling 240-314-8568.

Back Door Collections

Residents who are either temporarily or permanently unable to move their carts to the curb can apply for back door service. Residents must re-apply for this service each year.

Medication Disposal

Medication may be disposed of in regular trash collection. View safe disposal tips.

The city hosts a drug take-back twice a year, typically in April and October. Check the calendar or “Rockville Reports” for event information.

Materials List

  1. Recyclables
  2. Trash
  3. Yard Waste
brown recycling cart


  • Aluminum and Tin
  • Bottles and Jars
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper
  • Plastic/Rigid Plastic

Not Accepted

  • Aluminum or Vinyl siding
  • Automotive parts, fluid bottles and oil
  • Metal furniture
  • Paint cans
  • Glass, dishes, windows, plates, ceramics, mirrors and light bulbs
  • Candy wrappers
  • Newspapers in plastic bags
  • Paper towel, facial tissue and napkins
  • Pesticide containers
  • Styrofoam
  • Water hose, PVC pipe or rubber tubing
  • Plastic bags