Bicycle Parking

As part of ensuring that bicycles are a viable mode of transportation in Rockville, the City requires the installation of secure and convenient places to park a bicycle. Since 2008, the City of Rockville has included bicycle parking requirements in the Zoning Ordinance. New and updated developments are required to have a minimum amount of short-term and long-term bicycle parking. Long-term bicycle parking is required to be covered and secure for resident and employee use. Also, where long-term bicycle parking is required for office uses, showers are required and a minimum of one clothing locker per gender is required to be installed per long-term bicycle parking space. Bicycle parking space requirements are located in Section 25.16.03 of the City of Rockville Zoning Ordinance, and bicycle parking standards are located in Section 25.16.09.

Bike Parking Guidelines

The Traffic and Transportation Division has created Bicycle Parking Guidelines to provide guidance for the placement and installation of additional bike parking in the city. Contact the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at 240-314-8527 or with questions.

Bike Rack Grant Program

Safe and convenient parking for bicycles is an important link in enhancing the bikeway network around Rockville. In order to help provide bicycle parking, the Department of Public Works has launched a program for Rockville businesses to request bicycle parking be installed on or near their location for free. Click here to watch a video on the launch of the Bike Rack Grant Program.

More information and an application for the Bike Rack Grant Program can be found here. Only business owners or property managers can apply on behalf of a business.

Residents interested in seeing bike parking at specific locations that currently lack sufficient bike parking can direct business owners to this website or print out this Bike Rack Grant Program postcard to give to the business the next time you bike there.

To date, the program has installed bike racks at:


Rackspotter is a free, crowdsourced site that bicyclists can use to find bike parking locations throughout Rockville and the greater Washington, DC region. Rackspotter is available both on desktop and smartphones.

Bicycle Parking at Metro Stations

Rockville and Twinbrook Metro Stations have bicycle lockers available for public use. Each locker has its own lock and key and fits most standard bicycles. To rent a locker, contact WMATA at Locker rentals are $120 per year.

More information about bicycle parking can be found at WMATA's Bike to Metro page.

White Bike Locker