F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre

Following Montgomery County's updated COVID-19-related guidelines, the Department of Recreation and Parks will lift many of its restrictions and expand services and operating hours at Civic Center-managed properties.

Effective Friday, May 28, 2021:
Issuance of alcohol permits at Elwood Smith Community Center and Pump House Community Center.

Significantly reduced capacity limits at the following facilities at Glenview Mansion, Cottage, F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, Social Hall, Elwood Smith Community Center, and Pump House Community Center. 

Effective Monday, June 7, 2021
Rockville Civic Center Business Office, Glenview Mansion, and F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre are open to drop-in visitation without an appointment with the following hours of operation (box office services will reopen once ticketed events go on sale again). 

Rockville Civic Center Business Office: Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Glenview Mansion: Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre: Tuesday - Friday, 2pm - 5pm

Important Reminders:
Do not come to any City of Rockville property if you are sick or came into to contact with someone with any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, or are otherwise instructed to remain at home.

Following the latest federal, state and county guidance, employees of and visitors to most City of Rockville facilities who have received full COVID-19 vaccinations will no longer be required to wear masks. Unvaccinated individuals will still be encouraged to wear face coverings to protect themselves.

Regardless of vaccination status, city staff and students will still wear face coverings at the Montrose Discovery Preschool. Masks and face coverings will still need to be worn by staff and riders on Rockville Senior Center buses, or by staff and participants in summer camps and youth recreation programs.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre is a vibrant, local theatre dedicated to the performing arts. Located in the Civic Center, this 446-seat theatre boasts over 100 performances a year.

Experience a captivating musical by the Rockville Musical Theatre, become moved by the Victorian Lyric Opera Company, or lose yourself in the spellbinding Rockville Civic Ballet. At the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, there is truly something for everyone.

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You can buy tickets online or in-person at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre Box Office.

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Box Office
Rockville Civic Center
603 Edmonston Drive
Rockville, MD 20851
2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

2 hours before every
ticketed performance.
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