Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This year represents Rockville’s 50-year history celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In celebration of Dr. King and a time of societal transition, Rockville’s Channel 11 will air a video recap of past MLK events (details on how to tune in are forthcoming).

A Virtual Interactive Event and Awards Ceremony

Monday, January 17, 2022

A virtual interactive event will be added to the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. This event will be hosted by Harmony’s African American Legacy Organization (HALO), which was founded by a quartet of African American singers, who broke ground as the first quartet of African American singers to compete on the international contest stage of any of the major barbershop organizations. The organization utilizes singing and the active listening experience of barbershop music as a framework for conversations concerning socio-political issues like racial equity. Programming is developed by artistic directors that include a Board-Certified Musical Therapist and a Board-Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

As part of this event, The Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Award will be presented by the Human Rights Commission to a student at a Rockville high school who has worked to fulfill King’s dream in either their school or the community.  

Details for how to participate in this Virtual Interactive Event, Hosted by HALO, will be available soon.

Volunteer Activities, Week of Service  

January 17 - 23, 2022

In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the city has planned the following activities that will take place during week of service January 17 to 23, 2022:

  1. Clean- up Trail at Croydon Creek Nature Center
  2. Weed-Warrior Activity
  3. Create a Care Kit for an immigrant/refugee:
  4. Self-Guided Neighborhood Cleanup
  5. Make a blanket for a Sick Child
  6. Make a scarf for Struggling Families
  7. Create a Thank You Note for a Senior

Visit the Rockville volunteer page for more information and to sign up: 

 Still have questions? Contact: 

111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850


As part of the celebration, the City of Rockville’s Human Rights Commission will present two awards. The Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Award is given to a student from a Rockville high school who has worked to fulfill Dr. King's dream. The F. Michael Taff Award is given to a business, organization or adult that has helped to improve the lives of people with disabilities. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Award

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Award is for a high school student (living in or attending a school in Rockville) who has helped to advance the goals and dreams of Dr. King in either their school or the community.

Nominate a Student

F. Michael Taff Award

The Taff Award nomination is awarded to an individual, organization, non-profit employer or business that has helped to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the City of Rockville, such as through efforts to improve accessibility or raise public awareness. While federal, state, and local government agencies are not eligible for the award, they are encouraged to submit nominations.

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