Community data & Trends

The City of Rockville is a well-educated and diverse community with established residential neighborhoods and growing commercial centers. In order to understand the characteristics of the Rockville community, and what the future holds, the Department of Community Planning and Development Services (CPDS) collects, analyzes and interprets data on City demographics, households and employment to identify local and regional trends that are relevant to Rockville. Data sources are collected from the City of Rockville's own inventories, US Census Bureau surveys, private research firms and other sources. The data provided here represents only a fraction of available data, and focuses on significant City trends and survey results.

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Community Snapshot

In addition to the full count of residents in the United States through the U.S. Census Bureau's Decennial Census, the Census Bureau conducts annual surveys of a sample of people in communities throughout the nation with the more detailed American Community Survey (ACS). The latest demographic data for the City of Rockville population is from the Bureau's 2012-2016 ACS 5-year Estimates.

Published Reports

The Community Planning and Development Services department prepared reports on city demographic and housing characteristics based on U.S. Census Bureau data and other sources. Below are a few of the most popular reports.

Maps and Data