Baltimore Road


Construction to improve Baltimore Road continues and will include periodic lane closures and flagger operations during the day. Please use caution while traveling through the work area.

Baltimore Road is a major roadway that connects the east side of the city to Rockville Town Center. The project standardizes the roadway section to make it safer, adds pedestrian safety measures at several intersections and creates easier access to the Rockville Metro Station.

The improvements will occur in two areas of Baltimore Road:

  1. Spot improvements between S. Stonestreet Avenue and Norbeck Road.
  2. Baltimore Road between Route 28 and the city limits.

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  1. Project Status

    Planning Design Construction Completed

Work Status

Last updated: Dec. 19, 2022

CompletedUpcoming Work
Storm drain installation between Edmonston Drive and Avery Road.

Curb, gutter and sidewalk installation between Broadwood Drive and Twinbrook Parkway.

Storm drain installation near Broadwood Drive.Sidewalk installation on Broadwood Drive between Baltimore Road and Fletcher Place.
Curb, gutter and shared-use path on the south side of Baltimore Road between the Rockville High School driveway and Twinbrook Parkway.

Permanent roadway striping between First Street and Edmonston Drive.

Project Budget

$7.7 million, $3.6 million of which is covered by a grant.

To protect the environment, the project must follow Federal and State Environmental Requirements published by the Maryland State Highway Administration.


  • December 2009-February 2010: Surveying.
  • Feb. 3, 2010: Initial public meeting.
  • Summer 2010: Preliminary designs.
  • Sept. 29, 2010: Second public meeting.
  • May 2016: 95% design.
  • Fall 2018: 100% design.
  • February 2020: SHA grant approvals.
  • Summer and Fall 2020: Bidding and award.
  • March 2021: Construction began and is expected to take 18 months. View approved construction plans

Read about the project's progress in "Rockville Reports":

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Resident Notifications

Residents expected to be directly impacted by the construction will receive written notification mailed to them in advance of the work start date.

Town Center to the Baltimore Road/Route 28

Improvements will enhance safety for pedestrians by improving crossings and adding sidewalk and bicycle facilities on S. Stonestreet Avenue. 

Construction by Location

South Stonestreet Avenue (Completed by City via separate project in 2018)

  • Construct a sidewalk on the west side (metro side) of South Stonestreet Avenue between Park Road and Baltimore Road.
  • Re-allocate lane usage to allow for the installation of a bike lane between Park Road and Baltimore Road.

Park Road between South Stonestreet Avenue and Grandin Avenue

  • Reconstruct pedestrian ramps at Grandin Avenue at Park Road to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Ensure the connection from the dead end on Grandin Avenue to the sidewalk on Park Road is adequate and ADA accessible.
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing signs along Park Road to pedestrian and bicyclist warning signs.
  • Replace the existing steel plates, which extend over curb slots within the sidewalk, to improve the sidewalk condition, but still have an effective means of stormwater conveyance.

Baltimore Road between South Stonestreet Avenue and South Horners Lane

  • Provide bump outs on Baltimore Road at Grandin Avenue. Provide one crosswalk on the eastern leg of the intersection.
  • Reconstruct the pedestrian ramps at all four corners of Grandin Avenue and Baltimore Road to be ADA compliant.
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian and bicyclist warning signs along Baltimore Road, near Grandin Avenue.
  • Provide bump outs on Baltimore Road at South Horners Lane. Provide one crosswalk on the western leg of the intersection.
  • Reconstruct the pedestrian ramps that cross South Horners Lane at Baltimore Road to be ADA compliant.
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing warning signs along Baltimore Road near South Horners Lane.

Intersection of Baltimore Road and First Street / Norbeck Road (Completed by SHA via separate project)

  • Re-align the sidewalk north of Baltimore Road from the roadside of First Street. Remove existing sidewalk leg that leads pedestrians to cross Baltimore Road away from the intersection and crosswalk.
  • Add Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) push-buttons and Countdown Pedestrian Signals at intersections.

Baltimore Road between Route 28 and the city limits

Improvements will standardize the roadway section and add accessibility along the 1.25-mile section of Baltimore Road between First Street and the city limits.

Proposed Improvements

  • Install curb and gutter.
  • Install storm drain inlets and pipes.
  • Resurface the road.
  • Apply stormwater management practices for new or replaced impervious area.
  • Improve the alignment where it will be a benefit for vehicular travel and drainage.
  • Add sidewalks where they currently do not exist, where possible.
  • Extend the shared use path from the Calvin Park to the Millennium Trail at the intersection of First Street.
  • Stream restoration.
  • Culvert replacement near Rockville Cemetery.
  • Tree removal and replacement, and landscaping.