RainScapes Rebates

Residents Can Help Reduce Pollution and Flooding

Rainfall that lands on conventional lawns, roofs, patios, walkways, and driveways rapidly accumulates into runoff and collects pollutants like pet waste, fertilizers, pesticides, car fluids, and trash before entering storm drains and being carried to local streams and the Chesapeake Bay. Runoff not only impacts the health of our local waterways, but can cause drainage issues around your home or yard and increase the chances of flooding for your downstream neighbors.

Residents can play an important role in reducing pollution and flooding, and creating wildlife habitat by installing small-scale stormwater projects.

RainScapes Rebates

Eligible properties in the City of Rockville, including single-family and townhome residences, homeowners associations, condominium associations, religious institutions, private schools and other nonprofits can receive up to a lifetime maximum of $5,000 in rebates.

Apply through the Chesapeake Bay Trust

Rockville is proud to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Trust (the Trust) for the RainScapes Rebate program. The Trust will review and process applications, performs site visits, and is available for questions.

Still have questions? Contact: 

RainScapes Rebate Program
Chesapeake Bay Trust
410-974-2941 ext. 133

Eligible Projects

rain garden liatris

Conservation Landscaping

Replacing a portion of your lawn's native plants helps pollinators, reduces pollution, and creates wildlife habitat.
Rebate: $6 per sq. ft. with soil improvement.
$5 per sq. ft. without soil improvement.

rain garden with native plants

Rain Garden

Rain gardens are planted, shallow depressions that use water-tolerant native landscaping to soak up stormwater runoff.
Rebate: $10 per sq. ft.

pavement removal

Pavement Removal

Remove impervious surfaces such as patios, walkways, or excess driveway to help reduce polluted runoff and flooding.
Rebate: $6 per sq. ft. if replacing with conservation landscaping.
$3 per sq. ft. if replacing with sod.

Porch rain barrel

Rain Barrel

Rain barrels store and collect rain water from your roof to help reduce runoff in your yard and reduce pollutants to local streams.
Rebate: $1 per gallon.



A cistern (essentially a larger, sealed version of a rain barrel) collects and temporarily stores rainwater that flows from a rooftop to reuse for watering your flower garden, trees, or lawn.
Rebate: $1 per gallon.

tree in fall

Tree Canopy

Native trees help slow runoff, filter pollutants, provide shade, and help local birds and other wildlife.
Rebate: $150 per tree.

permeable paver driveway

Permeable Paver Retrofit

Replace your existing driveway, patio, walkway or other impermeable surface with a paver system designed to allow rainwater to soak back into the ground.
Rebate: $14 per sq. ft.

green roof

Green Roof

A green roof is a vegetated roof system that stores rainwater in a lightweight, engineered soil.
Rebate: $9 per sq. ft.