How will you determine which improvements to do first?

The public outreach process has a significant impact on prioritizing the accessibility improvements needed. Other factors that determine what improvements are prioritized include ensuring that accessible facilities are distributed fairly throughout the City, other operating and Capital Improvements Program projects, age of existing facilities, how the site and facility is typically used, as well as funding sources.

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1. Why is Rockville Recreation and Parks embarking on this effort?
2. The revised ADA regulations that took effect in March 2012 incorporate standards for parks and recreation facilities that were not previously available – including standards for fitness, playgrounds,
3. What is the anticipated time frame for conducting the work and how much will it cost?
4. How will you determine which improvements to do first?
5. What types of changes will be made for parks, programs and facilities to be considered ADA compliant?
6. What are the next steps in this process?
7. How can the public provide input, ask questions or get involved with your efforts?
8. What are some existing ADA compliant parks and facilities?