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Community Empowerment Matching Grant


  1. 1. Assessment Criteria
  2. 2. Contact Information
  3. 3. Project Information
  4. 4. Project Budget
  • Assessment Criteria

    1. Threshold Criteria
    2. Project occurs within city limits.
    3. Project can be completed within a year
    4. Project is likely to be accomplished within the proposed planned budget.
    5. Project does not result in new or on-going costs to the city.
    6. Other funding is limited or unavailable.
    7. Matching fund and in-kind donation estimates appear reasonable.
    8. Project is done in collaboration with other organization(s).
    9. Grant Objectives
    10. Encourages creation of a new neighborhood group.
    11. Strengthens communication and builds relationships between neighbors.
    12. Promotes inclusivity and diversity.
    13. Fosters leadership development.
    14. Creates or improves a shared space within the neighborhood.
    15. Improves the overall appearance of the neighborhood.
    16. Provides a new or improves an existing asset in the neighborhood.
    17. Strengthens neighborhood identity.
    18. Increases health and/or safety.
    19. Provides education or training.
    20. Addresses a neighborhood conflict or challenge.
    21. Other (if applicable, please describe)